Friday, August 21, 2015

Fearless Blue Skies

I decided to shoot up in a parking garage just because theres white practically everywhere and well because of the way I've been posting on Instagram I have no choice but only to include white to keep the feed strong. Also I don't mind white besides my Instagram creativeness, I'm overall a minimalistic guy and I just love to keep things simple so white is actually a favorite of mine. 

The outfit in this shoot was a simple white top long sleeve with some rolled up jean shorts and obviously converse. I have to say I have come a little too obsessed with chucks and all I want is them in every shoot! So I apologize if you have seen them more than once. Again the top, bottom, and glasses are from H&M. I have an another obsession with H&M and I can't stop shopping there! I have some plans in the works for some new brands so definitely be on the lookout for that! I have to add if you haven't added me on Bloglovin be sure to do so! Its probably the best way get notifications from your favorite blogger and also to get directed to my newest blog post! 

I also wanted to add that if you were wondering what my blog posting schedule looks like each week here it is!

Tuesdays - Lifestyle post at 1pm eastern standard time
Fridays - Fashion post at 1pm eastern standard time

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  1. White is great! First and third pics are awesome. And I just love the last picture!
    I would love to see photos taken in park or some tree place :D And maybe more color to your pics and clothes for one post... :)

  2. Great photos! And simple basic outfit is something, what I really like =)