Friday, June 5, 2015

Fashion Tips For Choosing Flannels

I like to be always dressed in a stylish outfit, but I never sacrifice fashion for comfort. My clothes have to serve multiple purposes  for them to be worth spending money on. No matter the circumstance, feeling comfortable in my clothes is a priority for me. It helps me feel cozy and relaxed wherever I am, and one of the best items of clothing to help you achieve that is a flannel shirt. 

Not only is the flannel comfy to wear, but it it also serves multiple purposes. Its perfect for those slightly cool days when a jacket or sweater would be too hot, and like an accessory, you can add it to your outfit to add a little extra "oomph" to it and take it to the next level. Also, the designs of different flannels are versatile for all the different looks you want to add them to.

The different designs and colors of the flannel keep the door wide open to many styles you might want to achieve. Some flannels have more white stripes or none at all. Some flannels come in large, sparse checks and others come in many, tiny ones. Then, they come in a variety of colors. I tend to pick shades of green, blue, purple and red as those colors go well with the jeans I own. These are the factors you need to look for in choosing the right flannel. 

When color and design match your outfit, things generally work well and make your outfit stand out. It might seem like picking out the right flannel is not an easy task, but when you find the perfect shirt, its worth it to invest the money in a piece that you will use over and over again. The next time you look for a flannel, make sure that you keep design and color in mind and try and see if you can picture yourself wearing it it with the clothes you own. 

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