Friday, November 21, 2014

Coney Island


Took a few shots from the train while passing the amusement park. 

Yes, it was quite chilly out on the water!

While visiting NYC, my good friend Kat took me to see Coney Island for the first time. As I got closer, the boardwalk was eerily still- no children running around parents, no scent of donuts and hotdogs in the air, no hustle and bustle. It was a still and silent calm. 

I have to say my stay on Coney Island was a somewhat a great get-a-way from the busy city for the day! Here and there, a person was reading on a bench, quietly enjoying the view. We're during the season this is a main attraction with lots of crowds, it now is a place of relaxation for those seeking peace of mine. Kat and I had ordered some yummy sandwiches and we took it over to the water where some rocks were jutting out. We climbed on them and took some photos. My striped H&M shirt was paired with my Guess jeans and boots from Aldo . The outfit was matched perfectly with the water in a nautical theme.