Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When Good Gets Better



Waking up to a breezy fall morning in New York City is about as good as it gets, but the strawberry topped pancakes I'm having for breakfast proves that it can be better. Sitting outside on the fire escape, watching the city wake up while listening to Michael Bubles jazzy tunes, is a new favorite experience of mine. New York City seems to always be busy, but early in the morning, the calm seems extraordinary.

Today, I paired my Forever 21 pants and Everlane swearshirt with a Gap hat. When you've got you're own fire escape, shoes are not necessary. This look is casual and comfy enough to lounge about in but easy to dress up with a pair of casual shoes.
Great food, great clothes and great weather in a great city. Couldn't be better.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Blazer Tux and Chucks

When you think formal wear, uncomfortable and stuffy are the adjectives that usually come to mind. It doesn't have to be that way! Topping off a pair of colorful pants and favorite pair of chucks with a tuxedo blazer keeps this look comfortable yet pulled together. 

My favorite part of this fun outfit is the mustard yellow of my H&M pants that is set off by the blue chucks. With the addition of a quirky floral tie from QPCollectons, this look is sure to be an eye-catching conversation starter! 

Blazer, Shirt, Pants - H&M
Chucks - Converse
Bracelets - Tevin-Vincent

Watch - Arvowear

Photography by: Lena Golub


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cat and the Hat

I was happy to have a chance to go down and visit my favorite photographer Dana this past weekend and had a blast during our shoot! Its aways interesting to go out on shoots with my photographers there's literally endless possibilities as to what you might encounter! During our shoot we randomly came across this beautiful white Siamese kitten with blue eyes and decided to use this cat in our shoot. As for the location we decided to choose a random overgrown field and randomly came across an abandoned house. Experiences like this really make it worth while! So to start off my first inspired Autumn post I decided to show some of my favorite Autumn colors! Enjoy!

Photography: Dana Moraru