Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Mainstream Hipster

So I've had some questions previously as to how I style my hair and what products I use. So here are a few shots of me using Mister Pompadour

As a guy that styles his hair everyday I'm constantly using hair products. I'm always on the lookout for pastes, waxes, or clays that work well with hair. Well, recently I discovered a brand called Mister Pompadour, and I had the privilege of receiving a few products from them to sample. I have to say I haven't come across a better paste from Mister Pompadour called Natural Beeswax Paste. The Natural Beeswax Paste has a firm and flexible hold and my favorite part is that it has a natural matte finish that gives your hair a clean look.

A little about Mister Pompadour:

Mister Pompadour is the premier brand for salon-quality men’s styling products for men who simply want great looking hair that lasts all day.  Founded in Raleigh, NC by two regular guys who wanted better performance out of their old hair styling products. So they decided to take product formulation into their own hands.  Their goal was to create a family of styling products that was suitable for men of all hair types, lengths, and styles. 

This is actually the most popular hairstyle right know called The Mainstream Hipster.  Reason why, it simply works for men of all ages. This look has been seen on Justin Bieber and David Beckham. I call this one the "attention getter."

How to Style -

This hairstyle works if: Your hair is straight to wavy, fine to medium.
Not if: Your hair is very thick or very curly.
Ask your barber to: Leave at least three inches on top to build up the pomp. Side length can range from really short to almost medium, depending on your style.
How to pull it off: Blow-drying the top straight back helps build body. Once dry, apply product -  Mister Pompadour.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014


I have to say Bryer Leather wallets are were its at! Made with 100% Genuine Horween Leather. 

It's ok sometimes just to wear a simple outfit? Yes, it is! Sometimes wearing a simple yet clean outfit  can be just as intriguing. Yes I know fall is upon us and wearing shorts can be a little chilly, but there are still a couple more days left until we'll have to put away our summer clothes and prepare for fall. Well until fall kicks, in be sure to enjoy these last warm sunny days before there gone. I know I will be!

Shirt - American Eagle,  Necklace - kylechangdesign,  Shorts - H&M,  Shoes -  Jack Purcell Converse,  Watch - Timex,  Wallet - BryerLeather

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