Friday, December 12, 2014

Old Timey Towns, The Hearts of America Pt. 2

As an alternative to what I was wearing earlier, I decided to change into a slim fit Express shirt, G.H. Bass shoes, and to make the outfit pop I added a Pocket Square Clothing Chartreuse-Yellow cotton bowtie. The shirt is one of my favorites that I own. A slim cut shirt fits perfectly on a gent and makes him look sophisticated and definitely more pleasing to the eye. Something as simple as adding a bowtie can change your look drastically. Thats why I chose a vibrant yet distinctive bowtie for this outfit to wrap things up like a perfectly wrapped gift. Well that goes for any outfit the bowtie is the main focus and its always important to make your statement. The William Oxfords from G.H Bass remind one of the shoes our grandparents used to wear, and now are worn by all major celebrities. A major plus in my book. Also, you can't forget about man candy! My new favorite is the green The Adirondack bracelet from Kiel James Patrick. Until next time colorful scrumptious macaroon buildings!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Old Timey Towns, The Hearts of America

Abbeville is a tiny little town in South Carolina that has become my new favorite little town with adorably mismatched buildings at its center. The different pastel colors on each store reminds me of the scrumptious macaroons at Amelie's Bakery in Charlotte, NC. Finding quaint little towns like this is always a treat! The details that you see in these historic towns are just astounding! It's also a small enough town that they actually have a chance to keep it clean and attractive, which just made the experience that much better. Most of the town square is covered in brick that really makes you feel like you stepped into a history book with those old timey pictures! Walking through the small downtown reminded me of dutch villages in old movies. Everything is colorful and fun. It was the perfect setting for my latest shoot. 

I'm wearing my favorite pants from H&M. They were perfect for the deceivingly cold day. When I say favorite I mean these pants are the best of both worlds that give warmth without heavy bulk. Its perfect for the daily gent that wants to stay warm, but doesn't want to feel all bundled up. To continue the look, I wore a forest green from Urban Outfitters to match the silk navy blue bowtie from Kiel James Patrick to spice things up. To keep warm I wore a mustard beanie from H&M. All of this was topped off by a blue blazer from my new favorite brand Boohoo and a hunter green duffel bag from Steve Madden that contains all that I need to carry around and room for more. This bag has seen me through walks in NYC and Charlotte. It holds up really well to my rough handling, that being said I love how versatile it is enough to match almost any outfit I wear. That also goes for these leather boots, that are from Steve Madden as well! They're surprisingly comfortable and can be dressed down as well as dressed up. I decided to have them dressed up for this particular style. The boots have three color tones of brown, one light and dark brown, so these boots will practically with any outfit

Stay tune for Pt. 2 of "Old Timey Towns, The Hearts of America"!

Photo by Dana Moraru


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cold City Essentials

It was a cold and windy day in New York City, despite the sun shining. Wearing a scarf was not just a fashion statement, it was a requirement for my own health and comfort. A luxurious comfort at that. According to this article, cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep's wool and also more absorbent of water, so for ultimate comfort in a cold climate and to make a statement, cashmere is the way to go.

Before heading out, I threw on a navy blue Topman short trench over an Everlane sweater made of Cashmere. Its a lightweight sweater that can be worn year round either over a button down shirt, or on it's own. I was surprised by how warm it actually was. I really love the simplicity of the cut and overall minimalist appearance.

Since I would be spending the day walking all through the city, I decided to wear my slim fit Old Navy army pants to go with the Aldo combat boots that are a necessity for exploring the city. Combat boots not only look great with almost anything you wear, they are also probably the most comfortable pair of shoes you can own. 

Photography by Dat


Friday, November 21, 2014

Coney Island


Took a few shots from the train while passing the amusement park. 

Yes, it was quite chilly out on the water!

While visiting NYC, my good friend Kat took me to see Coney Island for the first time. As I got closer, the boardwalk was eerily still- no children running around parents, no scent of donuts and hotdogs in the air, no hustle and bustle. It was a still and silent calm. 

I have to say my stay on Coney Island was a somewhat a great get-a-way from the busy city for the day! Here and there, a person was reading on a bench, quietly enjoying the view. We're during the season this is a main attraction with lots of crowds, it now is a place of relaxation for those seeking peace of mine. Kat and I had ordered some yummy sandwiches and we took it over to the water where some rocks were jutting out. We climbed on them and took some photos. My striped H&M shirt was paired with my Guess jeans and boots from Aldo . The outfit was matched perfectly with the water in a nautical theme. 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When Good Gets Better



Waking up to a breezy fall morning in New York City is about as good as it gets, but the strawberry topped pancakes I'm having for breakfast proves that it can be better. Sitting outside on the fire escape, watching the city wake up while listening to Michael Bubles jazzy tunes, is a new favorite experience of mine. New York City seems to always be busy, but early in the morning, the calm seems extraordinary.

Today, I paired my Forever 21 pants and Everlane swearshirt with a Gap hat. When you've got you're own fire escape, shoes are not necessary. This look is casual and comfy enough to lounge about in but easy to dress up with a pair of casual shoes.
Great food, great clothes and great weather in a great city. Couldn't be better.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Blazer Tux and Chucks

When you think formal wear, uncomfortable and stuffy are the adjectives that usually come to mind. It doesn't have to be that way! Topping off a pair of colorful pants and favorite pair of chucks with a tuxedo blazer keeps this look comfortable yet pulled together. 

My favorite part of this fun outfit is the mustard yellow of my H&M pants that is set off by the blue chucks. With the addition of a quirky floral tie from QPCollectons, this look is sure to be an eye-catching conversation starter! 

Blazer, Shirt, Pants - H&M
Chucks - Converse
Bracelets - Tevin-Vincent

Watch - Arvowear

Photography by: Lena Golub


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cat and the Hat

I was happy to have a chance to go down and visit my favorite photographer Dana this past weekend and had a blast during our shoot! Its aways interesting to go out on shoots with my photographers there's literally endless possibilities as to what you might encounter! During our shoot we randomly came across this beautiful white Siamese kitten with blue eyes and decided to use this cat in our shoot. As for the location we decided to choose a random overgrown field and randomly came across an abandoned house. Experiences like this really make it worth while! So to start off my first inspired Autumn post I decided to show some of my favorite Autumn colors! Enjoy!

Photography: Dana Moraru