Saturday, November 14, 2015

Disappearing in the Fog

There's something about fog that brings a sense of awe and wonder to each us as is settles lightly into the atmosphere and every secret crevice. It seems to enshroud the earth and leave you in a little world of your own, unfamiliar and mysterious. And despite the many efforts to catch it, the fog always escapes our outstretched hand and on silent feet moves just beyond our reach. 

This shoot brings to mind the great classics; Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights. Out the fog and out of the mist, great stories arise. You never know what might appear in the next second, and in the same second, it's just as easy to disappear. Nothing is tangible for long. And that's the beauty of it. Mystery, beauty and just a touch of the frightening unknown all wrapped up in a white mist with a mind of its own.

It's a living, breathing thing that twists and swirls around you, ever changing the reality you are in at the moment. And so, I walk through the fog, accompanied by its silent presence moving with me. I am in the middle of a road, but in the blanket of white, I am alone.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Out and About in the Rain


Shooting this look was so much fun(as it is with every shoot)! This shoot was just was a little more interesting, since it started to rain. Of course, I knew we were expecting rain so I made sure to bring an umbrella with me! Sure enough it started to rain so I pulled out my umbrella and went at it! My photographer had an amazing lens that she was renting for the weekend and I have to say that lens was so crisp you could see the light rain falling in the photo!

This outfit is a pair of slim black jeans from H&M with a with button-up white shirt from J.Crew and a light blue flannel from urban outfitters. Black and gold watch from ThreadEtiquette. To give that clean look I finished it off with a pair of white sneakers from Old Navy! Yes, I never thought I would shop at Old Navy but lately some of their trends have really been doing great!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall Vibes

I loved putting together this outfit! It gives you that fall feel with the leaves falling and the colors in general!
I've become more of a fall person then I actually thought I was. It's such a comfy season where you can cuddle up by a fire with a cozy blanket and sip your favorite drink wether it be a pumpkin spice latte or some yummy apple cider all while smelling and felling that crisp air!

The white tee-shirt is from J.Crew while the flannel and black jeans are both from H&M. I decided to add my brown vintage hightops from Fossil to give you more of that fall vibe along with the brown leather strap watch and bracelet from ThreadEtiquette.

Photography by 

Friday, September 25, 2015


Join me for an exciting event with @gq x @GlamourChicPeek on 9/26 @southparkmallnc 1-5 for Simon LOOKBOOK LIVE! #lookbooklive #foundatsimon. I would love to see you there! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Denim on Demin

I loved styling this outfit! Theres something about styling denim makes things exciting because to be honest I wear it practically everyday so I'm always trying new things! Perfect Friday outfit with a white tee-shirt to keep things simple.

Denim on denim outfit was styled with H&M and the blue denim matched with original black converse.

Ps! Also I'm excited to attending NYFW! Hope to see you there!


Friday, August 28, 2015

Downtown Lights

Shot these awesome photos on top another car garage at night and got some great shots! The reason theres only four is because some police officers told us too leave because we were trespassing(not like that was the first time). Enjoy and happy Friday!

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Photography: romankphotography

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fearless Blue Skies

I decided to shoot up in a parking garage just because theres white practically everywhere and well because of the way I've been posting on Instagram I have no choice but only to include white to keep the feed strong. Also I don't mind white besides my Instagram creativeness, I'm overall a minimalistic guy and I just love to keep things simple so white is actually a favorite of mine. 

The outfit in this shoot was a simple white top long sleeve with some rolled up jean shorts and obviously converse. I have to say I have come a little too obsessed with chucks and all I want is them in every shoot! So I apologize if you have seen them more than once. Again the top, bottom, and glasses are from H&M. I have an another obsession with H&M and I can't stop shopping there! I have some plans in the works for some new brands so definitely be on the lookout for that! I have to add if you haven't added me on Bloglovin be sure to do so! Its probably the best way get notifications from your favorite blogger and also to get directed to my newest blog post! 

I also wanted to add that if you were wondering what my blog posting schedule looks like each week here it is!

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